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We believe the best way to perfect new technologies is to roll up our sleeves and develop prototypes

The Human Drone Project

Having started as a hobby in 2019, The Human Drone Project sought to develop an eVTOL capable of transporting a person. Our experience in aeronautics has allowed us to make consistent progress towards a low-cost, safe, and reliable design

Hands-on Learning


We believe that the best way to perfect a new technology is to roll up our sleeves and develop prototypes. That's exactly what we've been doing to overcome obstacles and improve our achievements

HDP03  one-seat octoquad

HDP02  one-seat octoquad

HDP01 one-seat hexacopter

Perfecting Safety


Three prototypes have been developed and flown with the equivalent weight of a human. In June 2021, we performed our first hovering flight with a real person on board. Now, we are improving tunning, developing innovative interfaces, and adding extra fail-safe measures

Innovations under development


Today, in addition to the constant improvements, we focus on the development of some eVTOL subsystems. This includes a web-based flight panel & ground station, a wired joystick flight control, and a visual computing system for future autonomous flight implementation

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